For Fun

About this Website

I used to play piano competitively, and years of playing other people's pieces embedded in me an interest in writing my own pieces. This website, as envisioned when I was still competing, was originally going to be a place for me to share my music and hear critique from my friends.

I started playing around with programming when I was around eleven, and started my first ambitious project, a 2d rigid body physics simulator, when I was in grade 12. That was the project that propelled my interest in programming and taught me most of what I know today. While I consider myself far from being a great programmer, I am arrogant enough to claim that I know quite a lot about the little that I do know. This website, as envisioned at the end of high school, was going to be a collection of short tutorials about my programming projects.

English has never been my favorite subject in school. It was a combination of a lack of interesting things to read (the articles my teacher suggested have never and still do not interest me), and a lack of any sense of progress in my own writing. That changed recently when I stumbled upon Paul Graham's and Richard Feynman's collection of essays. It was a breath of fresh air. These articles were straightforward, humorous, and sarcastically insightful. I then hoped this website would be a collection of articles written in the same manner.

By now, I've realized the volatile nature of my interests, and I've given up on any unifying theme for this website. The sole attribute shared by the different parts of this website is that it interests me. And to quote one of my friends, I hope that what interests me, interests you.