For Fun


Thoughts and observations derived from moments of self-reflection and study, with naive but well-meaning attempts at generalization.

Enjoyment of Writing An article discussing my newfound enjoyment for writing and why it took so long.

What are the Chances? If the gravitational constant was even a hundredth off from what it is, or if ice was heavier than water, or if DNA didn't form so perfect a double-helix, Life as we know it would not exist. This is a story about one scientist's quest to find the answer.

The Last Ten Percent "The last ten percent takes ninety percent of the effort." This is an article talking about the upside to that saying, and how I came to it.

Reductio ad Absurdum An article discussing one of my griefs with the way moral issues are discussed in school and elsewhere.

On the Definition of Good Taste in Art and Music My opinion on what constitutes good taste in art.

Embracing Subjectivity A recent realization I've had on the limitations of objectivity and the necessity of subjectivity.